Embracing the Freedom of Independence

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Advisers can now own their financial practice, removing themselves from the typical office setting and turn possibilities into reality.

The philosophy of ownership and entrepreneurship is what drives Woodstock Wealth Management, Inc. ("WWM") and the advisers it serves. Advisers now have the ability to service clients from anywhere in the United States and offer them the products and services that suit their needs. WWM offers some of the most advanced industry technology. We take the time to understand your needs and goals so that you can focus on growing your business further.

Woodstock Wealth Management, Inc. fully embraces these principles.

WWM has always believed in the fundamental principles of flexibility. Our flexible platforms allow an adviser to make the seamless transition from a bank or wirehouse setting to a fully independent model. The flexibility of our model has allowed many advisers who have relied on transactional business to transition to a fee-based asset management business. WWM gives you the tools you need to open the door for this type of business model.

Business Development

We firmly believe that our “Unique Business Development Program” can generate all the prospects you need to take your business to the next level or any level you wish to achieve.

WWM’s culture is to work with each representative on an individual basis to customize a program that is unique to their business model or services offered in their community. We have numerous approved programs such as, generating 401 (k) leads in your local community and generic or product specific seminars. Contact our Business Development team today to find out more about how WWM can help you achieve your dreams.

Marketing Support

Because your success is of the utmost importance to us, we have a program in place that allows the adviser to choose from a variety of customized marketing materials to personalize his or her business. Brochures, newsletters and other printed materials are available through various vendors in a turnkey environment. Woodstock Wealth Management, Inc. has a library of preapproved marketing material including, but not limited to brochures, websites, transition letters and 401(k) prospecting letters.

The Woodstock Wealth Management, Inc. adviser can participate in a qualified lead program. We match qualified accounts (with assets) based upon their needs and your specialty in your local area so you can work with these clients to service their accounts.

Woodstock Wealth Management, Inc. is an Investment Adviser, registered with the United States Securities & Exchange Commission. 

Our fee-based asset management program offers a unique product mix that is easily accessible to our advisers. Advisers that predominantly use mutual funds have the advantage of using Fidelity Custody & Clearing Solutions platform - with direct access to Wealthscape. Wealthscape technology platform is specifically designed to digitize businesses and streamline workflow; it also serves as a gateway to connect firms to Fidelity tools. 

Woodstock Wealth Management, Inc. takes great pride in our attempts to provide total solutions for advisers and their clients.


Woodstock Wealth Management, Inc. through its relationship with Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions offers its agents industry leading technology and support. This relationship provides WWM advisers' access to some of the most advanced technology in the financial industry.

Fidelity Custody & Clearing Solutions Platform

Fidelity Wealthscape is the latest tool for portfolio management. It is easily adaptable for both the veteran adviser and an individual who is in the process of offering Advisory Business. 

Fidelity Wealthscape allows the adviser to manage a client’s portfolio (or a complex family of portfolios), allowing you to aggregate trusts, partnerships and retirement accounts. While using the rebalancing and order management tools, you can conduct research on hundreds of separately managed accounts and access equity research from such trusted sources as S&P and ColumbineCapital.Through Wealthscape; you have the ability to research and create client proposals for separately managed accounts. Fixed income research is conducted through BondTraderPro. On board tools include account rebalancing and reallocation, equity research in addition to mutual fund and managed account research.

In addition to separate accounts, fee-based programs allow you to include such diverse investment vehicles in your client’s portfolio as limited partnerships and private equity, a necessity for the sophisticated client seeking a balanced portfolio. You also have the ability to offer your clients comprehensive reports, over and above the printed brokerage statements.

If you have ever considered fee-based business, Woodstock Wealth Management, Inc. has a seamless transition plan to a fee-based model. If you are currently a fee-based adviser, WWM can accommodate and service your business, regardless of the size.


A successful relationship essentially depends on both parties’ ability to operate within the ever-changing rules of the securities industry. Woodstock Wealth Management’s compliance department embraces the independent business model and respects the client-adviser relationship. Advertising and sales literature approvals can be completed in an expeditious manner. Your success depends on your ability to get your message in front of your clients. Woodstock Wealth Management’s compliance department is here to help you in growing your business. We make ourselves available to train our advisers when a new financial product or service (s) is being offered.


At Woodstock Wealth Management, Inc., there are no limits on asset types.

Fixed and Equity Indexed Annuity commissions generated through our exclusive FMO partners are paid above street level.

Advisory commissions are paid via electronic direct deposit on a monthly basis; accurately and on time.

Transition Strategy

We recognize the entrepreneurial spirit and realize that transitioning is time spent moving clients and learning new systems. This is why we have a dedicated team of experienced individuals who take pride in giving selflessly to assist our independent advisers.

Setting the standard for independent wealth management is not easy. That is why our years of experience in helping advisers make transitions have culminated in a strategy that will work for any adviser’s business, regardless of size.

Every adviser’s business is different and Woodstock Wealth Management, Inc. works with offices of varying size, we would be remiss if we handed you a binder and checklist and said, “Here, follow this.”

We sit down with you and map out a customized strategy and timeline based upon your goals and business model. The pace of transition ultimately depends on your business needs.

During this period, you will receive extensive training in technology and back office procedures. Our transition team will go to great lengths to minimize downtime, implement a seamless transition and work with you every step of the way.

Learning is a process; if you have questions at any time, our experienced staff will always be available to help you.

A Message From Our CEO

William J Raike, III

It is a pleasure to offer you the opportunity to investigate the services offered by Woodstock Wealth Management, Inc.

The backbone of success is hard work, perseverance and commitment.  Twenty-three years ago I founded Woodstock Financial Group, Inc., our affiliated entity.  Woodstock Wealth Management Inc. was founded  FOR YOU.

You understand the industry. You know what’s best for your clients.

You know what’s best for your family. You’ve worked hard to get where you are in your career and know you can make it on your own. 

You have the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Our program will give you control of your future through independence, the ability to do what you believe is best for your clients, and ownership of your business.

As a thirty plus year veteran of the industry, I’ve seen a lot. As the industry has evolved, our firm has evolved. We’ve seen a lot of competitors come and go over the years, but our success is in our never-ending commitment to those we serve.

Our firm’s commitment to excellent service, starts at the top and is our culture.

I still answer my phone! Our committed, caring, and knowledgeable staff at our headquarters still answers their phones and reply to all inquiries promptly.

I encourage you to contact me to discuss our program further. This could be one of the most strategically and economically beneficial calls of your career.

William J. Raike, III

President and CEO
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